Friday, October 25, 2013

What in the world is Robo2.... and what is is X37B???

This is some weeeeeeird stuff!

I'm looking at my Youtube subscription list and am right now playing a new upload from Freeman tv... and he's talking about mind-transfer-technology into robots. There is an actual robot on the international space station, in which people are supposedly transferring (or downloading) all the data of their minds. It's called Robo 1.... and a mysterious hubble was launched into space, called an X37B, which is supposedly run by mind-transfer-robot..... there's no pilot... and it is a military space shuttle.... some believe it is for meteor weapon technology....

Anyway, I'm going to post the Freeman tv video that I'm watching, right, now..... and some links on Robo2 and X37B:

Robonaut NASA website:
(It's a "dot gov")

Another 'NASA-dot-gov' website for Robonaut2

Robotic Technology Lends More Than Just a Helping Hand | NASA (Look at the visual reference to Michelangelo's Genesis depiction. )



Is The Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Spying On A Chinese Satellite?

Did DARPA’s X-37B “Rods From God” Cause Rad. Spike, Mysterious Earthquakes In Quad-States Area?

More Secrets of the Pentagon's Spaceships:X-37: Speculation, Secrets and Espionage?
Something completely different, but interesting Nonetheless: Click image. :)
An astronaut singing 'Ground Control to Major Tom' :)