Saturday, January 31, 2015

There is Now a Mouse-Release Support Group

... because there was no such group that I could find, I started a support group for people that are finding that mice are coming into their houses. It happened to me. It happened at my parents' house and I found myself feeling overwhelmed with worry for these creatures.... and had to overcome some obstacles and logistical problems....

So, if you love mice and know someone that needs to live trap and release mice and has questions, here is my group on Facebook: Mouse Release Support Group.

This is an embedded playlist of some of the mouse releases. In it, there are some outdoor shelters I made with a tree stump, a lot of pine branches and a bale of straw. Later, I made a shelter out of a wooden box with drawers that I found at a thrift shop.... that's not yet on the playlist, but the tree-stump shelter is: