Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Recipe; Spicy Lentils wrapped in Bok Choy (cooked lentil version)

For this recipe, I'm sharing the cooked version. I have sprouted and eaten raw lentils. The are fabulous! ... but this was made with cooked lentils, so I'll share what I did. :)


Large bok choys

dried lentils ( I make enough to last for days, so, two regular sized bags, not large ones)

lime juice

Braggs' aminos (tastes like soy sauce)

ground tumeric

cayenne powder

two cans of sliced water chestnuts

Veganaise (vegan mayonaise made with grape seed oil)

*optional: any salad fixings you like, and/or fresh avocado slices topped with pink himalayan salt

for garnish, I used rose petals and three 'red ripper cow peas' from the garden.... that way I know they're unsprayed... and the cowpeas are heirloom...

Directions: In a crockpot, add soaked and rinsed lentils ( I was lazy, so I didn't soak my lentils, it's okay not to soak them, tough soaking them is better, even for a couple hours) and some water. turn crockpot on high setting. I did mine, over night... they can also be done in three hours... they don't take as long as other beans.

Turn off the crockpot or put on the "stay warm" setting.

My lentils started to burn and dry out on top. That's the way I like them. When I stir them, they are the right consistancy.... more dry, like the consistancy of refried beans.

Add the lime juice, braggs aminos, the two sipces (be super generous with the spices, they are for tasting... especially the tumeric powder), and the water chestnuts, drained, first.

Stir well.

Now get out the bok choy leaves... pic the best ones for rolling.... Lay then out like tortillas, after taking off the stems, so it is only the leaf.

Spread the leaves with Veganaise.

Place some lentil mixture and optional ingredients in the middle.

Wrap as you would wrap a tortilla.

Now put on plate  and garnish any way you would like to garnish. Have fun with it.

Take a picture of what you have created before you eat it!

Then, go ahead and eat it. It will yield as many as you want to make.... as many as you have bok choy leaves. :)