Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Special Guy Friend Took me to a Pet-friendly Restaurant. :D

I'm not kidding. He took me to a vegan restaurant that is dog-friendly.... it would probably be cat-friendly as well, if cats would be better able to behave. They are known to jump on tables... though I suspect that they will allowed a cat from time to time if it is on a leash.

Anyway, the restaurant is called Darbster. We were in Palm Beach and I found it while Google-searching raw, vegan restaurants in Palm Beach.

I have nothing but good things to say about our experience. The first thing I wanted to know is if we might see a dog.... and if the dog would be sitting at the table with the humans. When we walked in, there were no sightings of any such dining pooches...not immediately, that came later, but the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous, romantic ambiance, with beautiful almost black real wood flooring.... tables set stylishly with candle-light and flowers.... and a layout that afforded a view of the out-door dining area with palm-trees and tropical plants and more candle-lit tables.

Not even a minute after we were seated, a woman with a pit-bull was led to a table within our view.... our waiter, Andrew said it is hard to not fawn over the pets that come in... but is happy to offer the canine guests a biscuit.

Our food was exquisite! we ordered a raw-vegan dessert sampler plate and were impressed by the richness, presentation, and mouth-feel.... as well as the variety of the falvor and textures. My special-guy-friend loved the brownie topped with the coconut ice-cream... as well as the cacao-avocado mousse with the gogi berries.... I was amazed by the raw vegan carrot cake with the creamy cashew frosting.... and the velvety texture of the raw-vegan cacao cake with the rich creamy frosting, also cashew-cream-based..... with cacao-drizzled raspberries.

He took some video footage, but I ducked, being camera-shy..... and he would not have been able to to get the footage of the dog without being rude and looking like a tourist newb.... so.... these are photos that I found on the Darbster Facebook. :)

"A vegan version of a Cuban standard, pollo Milanese w/ black beans and rice." 

Oh, there is one photo that my special guy-friend took.... maybe there are two. I'm waiting for him to message them to me. Here they are. :)