Friday, October 25, 2013

Get out and Forage Wild Mushrooms! :)

I have posted my friend's video and some photos of the chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms that he found and cooked for me.... and thought I'd share for my own information, some other mushrooms for foraging in this climate zone, at this time. I'm in a temperate zone in Western Wisconsin. One of the mushrooms that are found to grow in this region is called "chaga".... they grow on birch trees, which we have in abundance, here... but I have to tell you that. so far, my friend and I haven't been able to spot any chaga.... or, of we have, we haven't been able to properly identify it... So.... I guess the first thing I will post is some information on the chaga mushroom, and then some more on the chicken-of-the-woods, though I think we are now out of that season.... I'll try to find information on things for this season and climate, if I can:

Chaga Knowledge dot com: 'Wild Forest Chaga "the king of all herbs: mushroom of immortality"'


Puffball mushrooms? Really? :)

Lingzhi mushroom or reishi mushroom: Wikipedea: