Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I need to do a Youtube Oil review on 'Young Living's' 'Clarity' Oil Blend

.... and am thinking of practicing by writing an outline, here... it will go something like this:

I first received the Clarity blend as a bonus that came with my order... and when I smelled it, I noticed it has a stimulating effect. It clears the sinuses.... I notice that any scent that clears sinuses also helps to clear brain fog. I have adrenal fatigue syndrome, which causes my brain to often feel fatigued and under-stimulated... it doesn't seem to want to wake up or engage in much brain activity. Two oils that are often recommended to wake up the brain are grapefruit oil and peppermint. Another oil is Rosemary.... it's known to help the memory. Clarity contains rosemary as one of the ingredients. It is a blend that contains: Basil , cardamom, rosemary, peppermint, rosewood, geranium, lemon, palmarosa, ylang ylang, bergamot, Roman chamomile, and jasmine.

The first thing I noticed upon smelling this is that is has a stimulating, peppery scent.... it's slightly citrussy and minty, but mainly it is peppery as in the scent of basil. Basil is a peppery, lemony scent. I mainly smell the basil in it, which is a stimulating scent. Other times, I notice other scents, all of these, together work well clear my sinuses and clear my brain of any fogginess. The Clarity blend is recommended for students to stay alert in school and to increase performance in taking tests.

My special guy friend loves basil. When I have worn regular basil oil, he has asked if I'm trying to hypnotize him.... he loves to smell my face when I wear regular basil oil... I usually wear it on the sinus points of my face, on my forehead, and around my nose, on the sinuses on the sides of my nose. The basil is amazing as a singe oil, but the Clarity blend, is a genius bend of all things that work together, not only for stimulation, but for mood.... I notice it is a lifter of my mood....

(a happy kitty)

Some ways to apply it would be on the forehead, sinus points, the neck behind the ears.... and.... I recently heard and am excited to try this, is to buy an inhaler, like an empty 'Vicks' inhaler.... they may be found in some natural food stores.... and place the oils in the inhaler to use as one would use a Vick's inhaler. I can't wait to try it!

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, or would like to purchase some oils, I will post some links in the description. If you enjoyed this oil review, please subscribe to my channel... I am looking forward to do more oil reviews and hope to get a little less nervous as I do more of these.

My next review may be on one of the single ingredients in this oil. I may do it on jasmine, roman chamomile or cardamon. Until then, thank you for watching. I hope to see you, later. God bless you!

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