Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lemon Coconut Tarts (V and GF)

I heard a rumor that if one runs coconut flakes in thr food processor, long enough, it will turn into coconut butter.... so, I tried it, and ... after a few steps, I had four coconut, lemon tarts. There are only three in the photo because my special-guy-friend and I split one.... we found it delicious but a little on the rich side (not that that's a bad thing) :D

The crust is made with walnuts, pecans and a bit of pink hymalayan salt.

The filling is a package of organic coconut flakes, processed on the highest setting in a food processor for a half hour.... it will turn into a liquid to which one adds a bit of organic unbleached sugar or sweetener of choice, lemon juice, or therapeutic-grade lemon essential oil, a bit of organic vanilla and a hint of pink himalayan salt. Once these are mixed with the coconut, it changes from a liquid the a more crystalized texture. Just make sure they are mixed well.

If you're like me, you made this before you made the crust, so put the coconut mixture into a bowl... it will fit into a cereal bowl and not look like much as far as quantity.

Now make the crust in the same food processor.... it's okay it it still has a bit of coconut mixture in it. Grind the walnuts and pecans to almost a butter. I also add a pinch of pink himalayan salt.

Here are some photos of my little coconut tart adventure. :D