Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am Trying to Humanely Catch and Release 2 Mice out into the Wild

I'm a little bit obsessed, since, recently, I have learned there are two mice (hopefully, only the two) that have found a way into my parents' house, in the basement. I have seen one.... it is a young, adolescent, mouse, while sitting on the floor by the closet. He started to run up my leg, but I got scared and flinched.... so he ran back into the closet. The problem is, I need to release the mice out into a natural habitat I built in the woods.... it's mostly natural.... there is some pvc piping for them to run and burrow, safely.... the rest is tree stump, a tree next to the tree stump, some moss and birch bark that I gathered for them to use for nesting and cover..... and I may build a small, wooden container with a room to store food and another room filled with shredded newspaper. My humane trap is going to be a cardboard wrapping paper tube, closed on one side with some peanut butter... My challenge, right now is to have a temporary mouse cage, to keep the one mouse, until I catch the other one, in order to release them both into their new habitat. I do not want to send them out, one at a time. In the mean time, I'm posting these Google search images I found of mice living out in the wild.... and hope to keep everyone up to date on my progress: