Thursday, November 7, 2013

.. is sad that a friend of mine is saying she is going to get a flu shot, tomorrow...

There's irony all over this.... at least I THINK it's irony, I'll write down what I posted for a status on my Facebook, and precede it by saying that this happened, today.... as it has happened other days that a friend or a neighbor has called or even knocked on my door to tell me something that television's 'Dr. Oz' has said. People who know I don't have a television have wanted me to watch Dr. Oz.... and I've do it, if I've happened to be where there is a television and the person is asking me to watch Dr.Oz....

Anyway, before I show the status-update, I need to tell you that the person that just called to tell me I need to look up what she just heard Dr. Oz the same person that's telling me in the same phone-call that she is going to get her flu shot, tomorrow..... I though Dr. Oz is supposed to be a holistic if a person is daily watching a holistic doctor teach his audience how to be healthy.... should not that person already have a higher immunity and therefore be able to fore-go all vaccinations? All this would be ironic.... if it were not for the fact that this "holistic" "doctor" were not actually recommending that people receive vaccinations.

Between two of my posts on my Facebook, I received some interesting Youtube links... so I think I'll share them in some kind of comprehensive order. If you already know about the side ingredients, side effects and dangers of vacconations, waych this, anyway.... and keep in mund that some of your friends, neighbors and relatives watch Dr. Phil, and these videos will tell everything that your friends, neighbors and relatives need to know, for starters.

This is not really needed but I said I'd quote what I said on my Facebook status: "Sometimes it puzzles me when people call and quote to me things from Dr. Oz's show and expect me to respect what they quoted, as though I'm supposed to respect what Dr. Ozl says. He's a guy on tv... Why am I supposed to respect a guy that has made it big in the television industry.... it means he's a sell out. (This is a rewrite of my last post where I accidentally said Dr. Phil, but I'll keep that one up as well, as I have had people do the same thing to me with Dr. Phil, so I have the same thing to say about him, as well.).

That's it, for now. God bless you.